Real Estate, Horses, and Mental Wellness: A Journey of Healing and Harmony

I spent a fabulous day with amazing Meadowridge School Grade 1 students, teachers, and parents at the beautiful River Haven Farm. River Haven Farm offers various therapeutic and counseling services with the special help from their beautiful horses.

Interacting with horses can be a transformative experience. From therapeutic horseback riding to simply being in their presence, these magnificent animals offer companionship, empathy, and a unique form of therapy. They teach us about trust, communication, and living in the present moment

Picture a serene property surrounded by rolling pastures, where majestic horses graze and gentle breezes carry away your worries. Owning a home that offers space for these magnificent creatures is more than just a real estate investment—it’s an opportunity to embrace the healing power of horses and their profound impact on mental well-being.

Let me help you find a haven that allows you to experience the therapeutic embrace of horses every day. Your dream home, accompanied by the presence of horses, awaits!

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